Troubles Walking Tour

The popular troubles walking tour is back and are even bigger and better than before!

The Troubles Walking Tour (launched in 2019) is back by popular demand. On this tour you will have the opportunity to explore Crumlin Road Gaol, before heading out on a walking tour of the Shankill and Falls roads, a detailed overview is below:

  1. Start Crumlin Road Gaol

Begin your tour at Crumlin Road Gaol, learn about the history of Belfast’s infamous prison and its role in the Northern Irish Conflict, followed by a complementary tea / coffee from the Crum coffee shop.

  1. Walking tour of the Shankill with Ex-Loyalist prisoner

You will be led through the Shankill Estate and Shankill Road learning what it was like to grow up on these streets during the Troubles and gaining an insight into the views of the loyalist community. You will then proceed to the Shankill Memorial Park before making your way to the Lanark Way Peace Gate (Checkpoint Charlie) where you will be handed over to an Ex-Republic prisoner.

  1. Peace Wall

Experience the imposing structures which were designed to keep peace between the Catholic and Protestant communities.

  1. Walking tour of the Falls Road with Ex-Republican prisoner

As you walk down the Falls Road you will not only learn about the history of the Troubles, but you will also hear personal stories from the Republican community. Visit renowned sites including Bombay Street, Clonard Monastery, the Bobby Sands Mural, Divis Tower and the Republican Garden of Remembrance.

  1. International Peace Wall

Experience the story of the Troubles through art on one of Belfast’s peace lines which has divided the Republican and Loyalist communities for over 30 years.

The Troubles Walking tour ends at the international peace wall. Flat footwear is advised as the tour covers over 3 miles.

Group packages available for 10 or more people, please contact [email protected] for further information.

Pre-booked tickets only.

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