Cursed Combo

New for 2021! Cursed Combo: Jail of Horror and Paranormal!


The Jail of Horror described as one of Belfast’s most fearsome scare attractions is returning for Halloween 2021. Visitors, if they dare, will enter the Victorian Jail, and face all their fears on an intense scare after scare journey which only has one way out!! The visit will include the famous Tunnel, C wing, Condemned man cell and the terrifying Hanging Cell. The one-of-a-kind ‘Jail of Horror’ tour through Belfast’s oldest prison will offer a terrifying unparalleled experience.

The chilling Paranormal Experience gives visitors the opportunity to interact with the spirits as they get hands on experience with real life experiments using professional paranormal investigating equipment. The paranormal experience features a visit to various hotspots of the jail where Paranormal Activity has been reported and sighted including the Prison Reception, The Infirmary, and the Dreaded “D” wind Basement!


Time                      6pm to 9pm

Duration              Approx. 100 mins

Cost                       £22.50 per person (No Concessions)

Age Rating          15+


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