Award Winning

Crumlin Road Gaol’s commitment to accessibility has been enhanced by the launch of our award-winning audio guides in April 2023.

During the development process we worked closely with Flex Language Services, who assisted us in finding local translators for Spanish, German, French and Mandarin. The guides are also available in English with audio provided by local legend Tim Megarry. All recordings were done by local company Eclipse on site at Crumlin Road Gaol.

One key aspect of our guides is the inclusion of Sign Language Videos, produced with cooperation from Jordanstown Deaf and Blind School. Trevor McCormick translated the full script into British Sign Language (BSL), Trevor is himself Deaf, was able to provide invaluable insight into the needs of the deaf community, helping us to provide a full package.

Once all recording and editing was completed Hamilton Robinson (HRAV) took over, building an app from scratch and sourcing the devices.

Since launching in April 2023, the audio guides have given much needed support for non-English speakers and members of the Deaf community on their visits at Crumlin Road Gaol. This support was recognised in November 2023 at the UK IT industry awards 2023 when the guides won “Accessible Technology Innovation of the Year”.

While it can be difficult making a grade A listed building accessible, we feel this project shows it isn’t impossible.