Education Programme

At the Crumlin Road Gaol, learning is at the centre of our remit.

Our Education Department offers a range of exciting, interactive and structured programmes, all of which have been designed to compliment the NI Curriculum. Situated in the centre of the Gaol, the Education Suite is staffed by an Education Team who can cater for learners of all ages and abilities.

“Step back in time to Victorian Belfast and witness the harsh realities of crime and punishment in a bygone era.”

See Crumlin Road Gaol capture Sandford Award 2014 for Excellence

“Within, Amend; Without, Beware”

– Victorian ethos of crime and punishment

An education programme which has been specifically designed for Key Stage Two and takes children on a journey back in time, reliving the sights and sounds of child prisoners who entered the Gaol over one hundred & twenty years ago.

While learning facts and information about this Victorian Gaol, students will examine photographs from the era and draw conclusions about faces from the past. As well as experiencing Victorian punishment they will gain a sense of period through dress- up and first person interpretation.

By exploring different points of view, students will make links and consider relationships between issues such as how poverty can lead to crime. Whilst examining the advantages and disadvantages of decision-making, pupils will consider their own attitudes and perceptions of the justice system in questioning – Did the punishment always fit the crime?

The programme is designed for younger audiences. As a result, the programme does not take the same format or route as the public tours of the Gaol. This ensures that all of the content and discussions are age appropriate. Come along to Crumlin Road Gaol – Experience the sounds and smells of prison life, meet the person all prisoners feared most; the Warder and take your daily exercise in the Airing Yard!

LATEST NEWS: Crumlin Road Gaol gets top marks for Education Programme


“We had a great time and really enjoyed the whole experience. can we leave the teachers overnight?”

(Glenveagh Special School)

“The pupils eager to look around and soak in the atmosphere. Even more time would be ideal!”
”Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to visit the gaol…they loved the experience and didn’t want to go back to school! Many thanks for the excellent opportunity.”

(Cliftonville Integrated PS)

“The pupils enjoyed interacting with costume characters.”
”They enjoyed learning about Victorian times.”

(Holy Child PS)

“Loved the links to the Northern Irish Curriculum – particularly the Famine.”
”All pupils engaged throughout – asking lots of questions.”
”The Warder was very interesting and set the scene.”

(Holy Cross Boys)

“Aaron (pupil) really enjoyed talking to the prisoner!”

(St Vincent de Paul)

“The pupils were captivated by the actors and Amelia provided some excellent oral accounts and activities. One child said it was the best day ever. Thanks a lot!”

(Glenwood PS)

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